Project and event management are very similar to each other, with project management requiring a broader overview and knowledge. Elements still need to be weaved together in a timely manner so that the process is uninterrupted and is successfully executed. Good planning is essential to this.

Some people have creative mindsets and some people are more functional and practical. In any case, its quite rare to be both or have both in a small business set-up where resources are limited.

With my combined experience in events, marketing, advertising, production and business management, I can offer an organised viewpoint and management service. Whether you are starting a small business and need help with business strategy, business processes, marketing or PR; or if you need someone to manage various elements to create a final whole, I can put together a practical plan to get the project on the right track.

Have a look at my latest work to see some of the projects I have planned and managed, most recently here and here and here.

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