I was born in Cape Town where I have lived for most of my life. After matriculating from high school, I studied a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Financial Management. I managed to travel quite a bit during my studies, focussing quite often on finding my favourite bands at various overseas music festivals.


After graduating with my B.Comm degree, I moved to Johannesburg in order to be able to take up a full-time role at Real Concerts. Up until then, I had been working on a freelance basis as part of their production team. Being in Johannesburg allowed me to be a part of the event production from conception, understanding all the varied and complex elements that make up a large-scale concert with different international acts and genres. In addition to running these international tours, I also managed the bookings for local artists and comedians. I assisted with entertainment PR and marketing. As a part of this small team, together we ran the front and back-end of every event which was pivotal to my learning and growth as a project manager.

I was back in Cape Town at the end of 2011, still working with Real Concerts but also working with Evention as a wedding coordinator. It was so interesting for me to see how totally different two types of event productions could be. With weddings, I had to learn to be more delicate, less hard. A wedding client needs a much softer approach versus a masculine production manager backstage.

Photo by: Hullobaby (www.hullobaby.co.za)

After being back in Cape Town for 2 years, I needed a change. I joined Ogilvy & Mather on a short-term contract basis in their activations division, implementing prizes won from brand promotions as well as any experiential events. My few months here were a valuable introduction to the world of advertising and provided me with great opportunity to challenge myself and the way I thought about my skills and abilities. This job was a real learning curve and was the gateway to the next few years of my life.

Around the same time, I started freelancing for Ram Touring as a tour co-ordinator. They were bringing out a few international bands over the course of a year and needed someone to manage the logistics (flights, accommodation, transfers etc.). Once the band made it to the hotel, a tour manager took over, so it was a great way for me to still feel connected to this industry even though I was pursuing a different direction in my career.

BrandsRock hired me as a project manager in 2014. This is where I really got stuck into marketing and advertising, working with a wide variety of brands from insulation to wine to property development to shopping malls to tequila. This role taught me a lot about my personal creativity and gave me the freedom to up-skill myself doing what I love – events! I had an amazing time working for this great company and left shortly after the merger with Saatchi & Saatchi, looking for something more dynamic, less corporate and restrictive.


Since then I have worked briefly at two companies as a general manger. One company was a start-up and the other found me back managing Evention’s events and weddings while also managing their sister company Kikoi, who produced beach-to-bar lifestyle products. I managed staff, kept track of all admin, managed the various events and projects and worked on new business, while creating and implementing more structure in the existing business processes. I enjoyed the diversity in this role as it created the perfect balance between my love for admin and order as well still being involved in the practical, hands-on side.


Realising that I needed more time to manage my other business interests and wanting more diversity in the projects I am involved with, I made the switch to freelancing.

I strive for a career that is continuously evolving. Please drop me a line if you are interested in working with me.