Wedding Coordination, Tory & Matt – 2016

This wedding was done while I was an employee of Evention.

This wedding happened in Tory’s parents back yard in Constantia. It was an overcast March day, threatening to rain, and so we activated our plan B, bringing in a tent. The ceremony was happening at a church nearby, and afterwards guests arrived at the house for drinks while the couple were out doing photographs.

We brought in absolutely everything, from the dancefloor to the tables to the marquee to the catering kitchen in the garage! It was great to turn this classic Constantia home into the perfect venue for this family wedding.

The decor at this wedding was delicate and typical of a English country garden. It suited the venue and the couple just perfectly. We strung fairy lights all around the property as well as in and up the trees and pool. Tables and chairs were adjacent to the pool and had to be arranged based on the natural levelling of the ground – quite a challenge!

It was perfectly cosy for the weather at hand and the rain provided for a dramatic atmosphere at this outdoor wedding. What a fairytale!

Pictures by Peartree Photography

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