Wedding Coordination, Lara & Brett – 2016

This wedding was done while I was an employee of Evention.

This wedding was an absolute knock-out. Brett and Lara are so full of life and this wedding truly embodied who they are. I had just joined Evention again for my second stint working for them and coordinating Brett & Lara’s day at Beau Constantia was a fantastic way to return.

The ceremony was held in the amphitheatre, with Lara walking down a very steep hill in stilettos towards a Grecian styled alter. Guests were seated on cushions in a very casual style, scattered around the amphitheatre with drinks on tap, under a marquee to shield them from the hot summer sun.

After the ceremony, there were drinks on the terrace overlooking the Constantia hills. Canapes were served before Brett and Lara returned from their photographs to usher their guests into their wedding reception. The decor was glamourous and plush, with a cocktail-party styled reception. Sushi and more canapes went around while guests lounged on the daybeds (each with their own chandeliers). There were disco balls in the koi ponds and a very luxurious cake on display. Once the first dance was done, that dance floor did not stop until the lights came on! A wonderfully celebratory wedding full of life and love!

Pictures by Greg Lumley

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