Wedding Coordination, Barbara & Michael – 2012

This wedding was done while I was an employee of Evention.

This wedding that I did when I was with Evention has always stood out for me as one of the simplest and finest. Barbara and Michael got married at The Grand Beach Cafe on a very windy Saturday and I don’t remember anyone being too worried about the weather. It just felt so perfect, like everything was meant to be.

We only got access to the full venue at about 14h00, having to wait for all the lunch guests to leave before we could rework the space. We had to completely rearrange furniture, making way for the ceremony area on the beach. Then all the surplus furniture had to be cleared away before we could truly sign-off the space. The table settings were as per normal Grand style, bare besides for red roses. There was no seating plan. The starters and mains came in banquet feast style, platters of food for everyone to share. Dessert was a french man making crepes in his food truck. Goldfish was the entertainment. It seemed so perfect for this couple and their great group of friends!

It was so magical, even with the wind.

Photography by DnA

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