Jose Cuervo, The Cuervolucion, 2015 – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of this article, click here.

At the end of 2014, my colleague Leandi took the containers up to JHB for The Lumineers, and so that was where they stayed until our next events were confirmed. We had some time to take stock (literally), produce some more things, refresh our ideas and get cracking on a new season of activations and brand experience.

Passenger 1So we returned in 2015 with Passenger in JHB at Zoo Lake in February. We only used the one container so it was a fairly relaxed production in comparison to the Synergy / SoundsWild chaos! We set-up the day before, got all our stock cold and machines running. Our collateral was all sorted and counted. We had our Cuervo deck activations as before with some yummy Mexican food, Cuervo gold and a margarita. Our guests were taught the Cuervolucion manifesto and chanted it through a loudhailer. It was a great day party, ending just at sunset.

Then we had Splashy Fen in April in the KZN midlands. I had heard stories of the wildness of this festival. I only got up there on the Thursday and Leandi and Lelani had already set everything up the days before. We had three days of trade up ahead of us as well as managing the one night’s line-up which meant bands and the logistics that comes with their transfers and accommodations. This was the first festival where we weren’t “stage-side” as all vendors were separate to the stage marquee.Splashy 1We had some fun collateral to push sales, having produced rain jackets and stetsons. We had a huge chill out area. Even though the rain was quite a damper, it didn’t scare the festival goers. They were absolutely unfazed, and prepared to embrace it. Well, the brand seemed to just fit right in 🙂

Splashy 3

Well, let me just say that I have never seen consumption on a level like this. It was so extreme that we had to really use our judgement and say no when we think someone’s had enough. The punters drank so so much and were quite often keen to drink 5 Cuervo Golds in a row.

I think after the Synergy / SoundsWild weekend, nothing was going to be much of a challenge for us on the Cuervolucion production front. We were a well-lubricated machine. The biggest issue we faced was making too much margarita, as this is where the big wastage costs would lie, and the weather wasn’t so hot so it was a tough one to judge. There were moments when the sun comes out, baking, and you finish a whole machine just like that, but also not selling one for hours.

You can find yourself very lucky when you end up working for a client who trusts in your ability to just execute, and their confidence is inspiring and makes you own it and enjoy it.

We exceeded our targets at this festival. We sold so much product, our containers were a real hit – it really felt good to know that we could assess our crowd finally after a few goes and know what to expect to expect. It was also more chilled with loads of opportunities to interact with our market.

The Saturday was the real culmination, for me personally, of months of hard work on such a well-loved brand. A place I never thought I would find myself in again, especially not on an advertising realm – working on a brand like Cuervo in the way that I did was a dream come true. Production jobs are RARE and more so when you’re a girl because you can’t schelp the heavy stuff (but we can sweat it, you know?). I knew that the nature of our sponsorships were going to change, which changed the way we were going to be present and involved at the events. I knew this was the last big bang for us and I was there with Leandi, Lelani, Rio, Rory, Stefan and then all of our bands, who are also our friends, Taxi Violence, Beast, aKing, Shortstraw, the Plastics. These bands who we love and supported where we could as a brand. We watched them all play, one after the other. Shots of Cuervo and margaritas on tap. The crowd was going wild.

It was just a great way to end, all of us together having a good time, enjoying the deck, enjoying the drinks and celebrating a tough festival, wet, fucking cold, far far away in the hills. It helps when you’re working with your best friends. Viva la Cuervolucion!

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